Care without compromise means we consider every aspect of your child's growth and development.

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We are a play-based school that believes children will learn through playing and exploring with meaningful activities. We can find learning experiences in everything we do! Our staff will never make your child feel stressed or pressured to learn, but encouraged to explore and be adventurous to understand the world we live in!

Our curriculum is based off the Foundations of Early Education Curriculum, while being curated for the current interest of our students. We follow monthly themes, celebrate holidays, and enjoy early learning!

Our curriculum is scaled for your child individually through intermittent assessments so that they remain challenged and supported. We are dedicated to giving your child the best start and preparing them for kindergarten. 


Our program includes: 


Circle Time

Through stories, songs, finger plays, and sharing time, children interact with friends while being introduced to the large topics of the week. We will focus on our alphabet, numbers, colors, and calendar and monthly themes. Listening skills and public speaking opportunities are offered to help grow strong leaders for tomorrow! 


Christian Environment

We are so lucky to be a part of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and to teach our students how to live a life with Christ. We say a morning prayer during Circle Time and meal time, and teach the children about God during our weekly Bible Time. We will join Pastor Todd Wallace in the sanctuary for a Preschool Bible Lesson once a month. Cathleen Demant, the Church Children's Director, will come in biweekly to do a special Wiggles movement and dance class with a short Bible lesson. We perform during two church services a year. We also give a school discount to our church members. 


Early Literacy

We strive to help children with early literacy and phonetic awareness through many different approaches. We us Zoo Phonics to introduce the letters and letter sounds to children through song, dance, and hand movement. We utilize our themes to curate our library and are committed to reading 1,000 unique books each school year! We also follow Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to prepare our students for the San Juan School District's preferred handwriting curriculum in writing both uppercase and lowercase letters.


Ability Grouping

We use intermittent assessments to make sure your child is consistently challenged and growing within the program. We will group the children based on their current abilities so that they are being supported throughout the program while in a small group environment. We have parent-teacher conferences throughout the year so that you are always aware of your child's progress and how we are working to give them their best start in Kindergarten.  


STEM Emphasis

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are focused on during our small group centers where children get to explore the many disciplines. Through meaningful play we will prepare your children for Kindergarten and give them the confidence to invent and experiment. 



An art project is created each school day! We will send home most of it once it is displayed in the classroom, and may keep a few items to put in your child's portfolio that you will receive at the end of the year. Please be mindful in how you dress your children. We use smocks, but sometimes the art takes over and gets us a bit messy!


Dramatic Play

Encouraging imagination through dramatic play is so important at a young age! We have an inspirational dramatic play area that includes a kitchen and table set for future chefs, a woodshop for future carpenters, and a collection of dress-up clothes for royalty and firefighters alike. 



Once a week our teachers will lead a yoga class for our preschoolers to help build flexibility, centeredness, and balance. We hope they share their moves and inspire your family to move together!


Gross Motor

We have a beautiful outdoor playground with a shaded play structure, trike track, farmhouse playhouse, garden, and toys to improve the children's gross motor skills as well as promote imagination and cooperative play with their friends.


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